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  • Category Download Managers
  • Program license Free
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  • Size 10 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.mobogenie
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Mobogenie Market is an alternative to Google Play that some Android users will prefer for its approach and manicured selection.

Mobogenie Market is one of the more popular alternatives to Google Play. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the default app store, then this one is worth a look. Mobogenie for Android isn’t an app store unto itself but rather a different window through which to view Google Play. It can make it easier to find what you want and provides filtering and other personalization options.

One of the strengths of Android is its openness, but that strength can also work against it. The app store, for instance, has a substantial amount of junk on it, and that junk can make finding the gems or particular apps that suit your needs more difficult. Mobogenie overcomes this because each app displayed on the storefront has been hand-selected by a Mobogenie employee. Apps are categorized and tagged, and you’ll also be able to find programs via top ten, trending and other lists.

Mobogenie also provides new articles and reviews about Android apps, but not all apps have reviews associated with them, and the user reviews from Google Play aren’t present. You also can’t download apps directly. It’s perhaps a minor inconvenience, but when you select an app, Mobogenie redirects you to Google Play in order to download it there. Another issue is the lack of consistency across platforms. Mobogenie Market for Windows, for instance, is an actual storefront distinct from the Windows Store, and that provides it great versatility than this version is able to offer.


  • Alternative to Google Play
  • All apps are hand-selected
  • Convenient trending and top lists


  • Can’t download apps directly
  • Lacks user reviews for apps